Our Company Culture: 

Integrity is a basis for corporate survival. As the old saying goes, a man cannot stand without integrity, a corporate cannot live without integrity.
Externally, we have self-confidence, understanding and creativity for market competition, showing cooperation and experience to our each client.
Internally, we require employees to be serious in personal behavior, full of spirit every day.

We will keep Self-confidence, Understanding, Creativity, Cooperation, Experience, Serious and Spirit in heart deeply.
Because all above builds S-U-C-C-E-S-S!


Dedication, our employees work diligently and conscientiously, and dedicated to fulfill their duties, All is done from the overall situation for the development of company, and everyone seeks to do better and faster; In our company among departments, between the upper and lower levels, We contribute for each other with hand in hand, and actively take the initiative to other sectors.

With such a dedicated spirit, Qingdao Liyikun Carbon Development CO., LTD will steadily go head in the competitive market.