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What is Gouging Carbon Rod..

Gouging Carbon include jointed Gouging Carbon, pointed Gouging Carbon, flat Gouging Carbon etc and are used for cutting and boring, removing of defects in welds and casts, grooving on the back of weld and flushing the excess metal of the weld.

1. Machining U grooves for weld joint preparation
2. Removing defective welds
3. Cleaning and repairing metal castings
4. Removing hard surface metal to facilitate repair
5. Cutting non ferrous and other hard to cut metals
6. Rough machining.

1. The electrodes must keep in dry environment, if it is affected with damp must be drying before use.
2. When using for the direct current, the electrodes link to the anode, and task to the cathode.
3. Keeping steady of working air pressure0.5-0.6Mpa.
4. The arc between electrodes and task is 3mm, the electrodes come out clamp about 100mm.
5. The electrodes and tast must have a angle and dig throw the tangent.
6. Keep aeration during use, operate accord with the work limit.

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